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Burn the Inn must be discarded after use.

Harassment reacts to the beginning of your turn.

Earthquake reacts to the beginning of your turn.

Some game features refer to Blacksmith and Bar cards. These are  Item and Tactic cards, respectively.

This is not explicit in the rules, so it is being made explicit here: Each React may only be used one time per trigger. If there are many different Reacts for the same trigger they can all be used, but each may only go off once for that trigger.

Attaching Items and Treasures

Q) If you attach treasure to a character and later move back to the Inn (alive), can you then bank the treasure or is it attached permanently?

A) If you are at the Inn, you may bank treasures attached to members of your party as a free action at the beginning of your turn.

Q) If you equip an Item or a Treasure, can you later “unequip” it (discard it)?

A) As part of your free action at the start of your turn you may move cards – including items and treasures – from one of your characters to another. Also, if you draw Inn cards or earn Treasure from a Crypt and you have too many of a special type (such as too many weapons for your party) you may select which ones to ditch, equipping the rest. However, you may not simply unequip an item or treasure without some sort of effect making it happen.

Q) When a character dies, all items and treasures attached to it are discarded. If a player plays a card like Lesser Resurrect, which brings a character back after it has been killed, do the cards on that character still get discarded, since the character must have died in order for the card to be played?

A) Yes. If a character dies then all attached cards are discarded. If an effect prevents the death rather than bringing the character back from the dead, then attached cards are not affected.

Q) Can I discard cards on my characters at the beginning of my turn when I am shifting things while in the Tomb or do I have to wait till I am in the Inn?

A) You may not normally discard cards on characters – just when banking treasures, using a card effect, or dealing with too many treasures / items of a special type.

Q) Can monsters which are somehow in my party (i.e. the Jackals of Mourne) equip items or treasures?

A) Yes, if they are somehow a part of your party they are treated just like normal characters in every respect – including the ability to equip items, with the same restrictions on characters equipping those items (only one weapon, etc.)

Crypt Raiding

Q) What order do we resolve Reacts?

A) First, handle “always happens” effects – namely, text on the character or monster which does not have “React:” in from. (For example, when monsters are revealed Maelifcorum draws and attaches his items before any Reacts get to trigger.) Then, handle all the “React” triggers. In both cases, start with the player whose turn it is, resolve that person’s effects, then go around the table to the left until all effects are resolved.

Here are some of the more common react triggers, in the order they happen during the turn:

When your turn begins
Before you enter crypt
When you enter a crypt
Before traps are revealed
When traps are revealed
Before monsters are revealed
When monsters are revealed
When your turn ends

Q) If a monster attaches a card when being revealed, and the card has a “when monsters are revealed” react on it, can the monster use that react?

A) Yes, it can. Thus, Ter-Soth can indeed use Magic Missiles or Wall of Fire if he happens to draw them.

Q) For traps or anything else that calls for a party roll, how do you determine the number and type of dice rolled?

A) If something calls for the adventuring party’s roll, then add together all the dice in the party of the relevant stat. The same is true for cases where two or more characters are rolling a single test, such as traps. For the type, the effect causing the roll indicates the appropriate Attribute.

Q) If a card says ‘kill or wound another character in a different party,’ do they have to be in the Tomb to be targeted, or can they be killed or wounded in the Inn?

A) If it says the character must be in the Tomb, then those in the Inn are off-limits. Otherwise, they can indeed be killed in the Inn. Stirges, for example, only wound characters who are in the Tomb, and ignore those in the Inn.

Q) If I am involved in a combat generated by a card can I still flee back to the Inn as one of my battle actions?

A) Yes.

Q) A monster has a spell that Prismatic Spray, which says “Target a Monster card and do stuff”. If the monster is casting it, does it have to target a monster?

A) No. If a monster is using a card normally used by a character in an adventuring party, then it works in the way that benefits the monsters instead of the raiding party. So Prismatic Spray and Magic Missile would hurt the raiding characters, while Bless would give all the monsters an extra red die.

Q) Who choses the target for these effects, like the monster casting Prismatic Spray?

A) If a monster is using a special effect (i.e. a spell, tactic, item, ability on the monster, etc.) then the Crypt Master gets to choose the victim. The party gets to pick who is on the front line defending against the monsters’ melee attacks, but spells and the like are harder to plan for and defend against – as any seasoned gaming group knows!

Q) I ran away with some monsters still alive. What happens to their wounds?

A) The monsters are turned face down, and the wounds go away. Each time you enter a crypt, it is as if it had never been entered before.

Q) What about cards that got attached to them?

A) Inn cards are discarded to their normal discard piles. Treasures that somehow got revealed and attached (i.e. Morghen Dythanus) are turned face down and mixed in with the rest of the remaining Tomb cards.

Q) When I raid a crypt, does my party actually move into the crypt?

A) Yes, it does.

Q) So when I have cleared it out and want to go elsewhere, the doorway counts as a normal square?

A) Correct.

Q) Can somebody cast Hold Portal and lock me in?

A) No. Once a crypt has been cleared, it can not be targeted by any effect which targets crypts – so Hold Portal will not lock that door, and Displacement will not move cards in to an empty crypt.

Q) If I disarm a trap or kill a monster and it is not part of a normal crypt raid, do I still get to bank the XP?

A) Yes, unless the effect making you face the monster or trap says otherwise.

Q) On the advanced board, there is a crypt which says treasures have no affect. Do I still get XP for them?

A) While raiding that crypt, any treasures equipped to characters in your party are treated like blank cards, giving no bonuses and no special effects. Once the raid is finished, they work as usual. Any treasure you find there can be equipped or banked for XP as usual.

The Inn

Q) What are the Inn decks? What is an Inn card?

A) The Inn decks are the decks seen in the Inn – Tactics, Spells, Prayers, and Items. Inn cards are cards from those decks.

Q) Is there any limit to how many cards a character can have attached?

A) No – you can load a character up with as many spells, prayers, and so forth as you like. Of course, when that character dies, it will hurt all the more…

Q) When you run out of cards in an Inn deck, what happens?

A) Any cards that have already been discarded are reshuffled and placed in a pile face down.

Q) What if there are no more characters in the character pool?

A) Collect all the dead characters and put them back in the bag.

Q) How many characters may I have in a party?

A) Up to five, unless you have a special effect in play.

Q) Are the stats of my characters public knowledge?

A) Yes, as are cards attached to them.

Q) If a wizard or cleric joins my party in some manner other than traditional recruitment, do I still get to draw the bonus spell/prayer?

A) No. You only get it if you are using the standard turn action, or if the effect giving you the character uses the term “recruit”.


Q) If a card moves someone to a Crypt, can it be an empty crypt?

A) No. Empty Crypts become hallway spaces. The notes on some of the crypts on the Tomb of the Overseers board are reminders.


Q) If I steal a treasure from another party via pickpocketing, can I bank it immediately?

A) No, not until you reach the Inn.

Spells, Prayers, and Tactics

Q) If a card (Spell, Prayer, or Tactic) does not say discard after use, does that mean that the effects of these cards can be used repeatedly?

A) Yes, but each one may only be used once per turn and many require a full Turn action to use.

Q) Are unused Spell, Tactic, and Prayer cards in you hand face up or face down?

A) Face down.

Q) Is there a hand limit for unused Inn cards?

A) Officially, no. Unofficially, many players like to use a house rule limiting it to 10 cards in hand.

Specific Card and Character Effects

Chaff: When he dies, a character is added to the Inn as usual, regardless of Chaff’s effect.

Displacement: Both crypts where cards are being swapped must have at least one card.

Inferno: The caster may spread the wounds around as he sees fit.

Oath Bound: The crypt the party is being directed to must have at least one card at the time of casting. If the crypt is cleared out, the party must still go to the crypt door before raiding any other crypt, though it will obviously not raid the crypt.

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