Raylor MagicbaneWelcome to the Troll’s Head Inn! May I get you some refreshment? My name’s Raylor. Raylor Magicbane. I own this place. You could call me an entrepreneur of sorts.

I’m also available to go on an adventure or two if you need me, and my inn is almost always full of colorful Characters ready to join a party and raid the Crypts in this area.

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  1. Meet Chaff!
  2. Introducing Slayer The Unkind!
  3. Meet Ichaerus!
  4. More from Ichaerus!
  5. Introducing Zartoch!
  6. More Zartoch!
  7. And Now A Word From Sakar!
  8. Meet Huntress Volda!
  9. Meet Lady Tornhawk!

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