What does any self respecting adventuring group need before exploring the tomb? Items!

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Cryptmaster Trap Previews

With Cryptmaster, traps are even more deadly. Let the unskilled beware!

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Cryptmaster Prayer Previews

The Tomb is a very dangerous place. Taking the time to invoke some divine favor is a very wise choice!

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Cryptmaster Tactic Previews

As with the original Tomb, the tactics cards help in battle while providing new dirty tricks unavailable anywhere else.

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Cryptmaster Overlord Previews

Introducing the overlords – the real masters of the crypts!

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Cryptmaster Character Previews

This week, we present characters from Cryptmaster, including the introduction of some new mechanics.

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Cryptmaster Spell Previews

spell_01 spell_02 spell_03 spell_04 spell_05


Cryptmaster Treasure Previews

treasure_01 treasure_02 treasure_03 treasure_04 treasure_05


Cryptmaster Curse Previews

curse_01 curse_02 curse_03 curse_04 curse_05


Cryptmaster Monster Previews

One of the most common complaints about the original game was not enough really scary monsters. We hope cards like this will help. A common belief among new players is that you must build a huge heavily equipped party to win. Even with the original game, it was entirely possible to win with a small party picking the right crypts. We like to encourage many strategies, so we include some monsters like this, which favor small parties. If you know where it is hiding, you can score easier XP! Another example of why it can be good to be the cryptmaster. One more case of a monster getting more dangerous against a larger party. This is also a good time to mention a new rule: when a monster is revealed with Magic dice, it gets to immediately draw and attach a spell, in addition to whatever its text may allow. The same is true for Holiness dice and prayers. Suddenly, even the original Tomb monsters are a bit more dangerous! With a free spell attached (remember the new rule?), lots of dice, many hit points, the ability to choose the target, and a built in stun, this is no pushover!

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